Terre Dei Buth


In the Venetian dialect, the vine shoot is called “but”. The bud is the symbol of life, the beginning of everything. The shoot that springs from our wine, year after year. Our name, Terre dei Buth, is inspired by the origin of things and by tradition, as is our way of working and respecting the land.

In our winery, we pay close attention to all stages of production, which we follow with consistency and precision to enhance and preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the grape: varietal scents, fragrance, freshness and flavor.

In our winery, we are committed to respecting the product, without using any chemical adjuvant and minimizing the use of sulphites, to obtain a wine that expresses the essence of the grape: an impossible result to achieve without the expertise, hard work and passion of our vinedressers.

Our commitment is primarily focused on growing healthy grapes, to make high quality organic wines, while protecting our health and the land. The choice to exclude chemicals was based on the need to produce a natural wine using organic viticulture techniques.

A drip irrigation system that prevents water from being wasted, the use of organic fertilizers that do not contaminate the soil, defoliation and lopping at the end to improve the ventilation of the bunches, hoeing and earthing-up to prevent the use of chemical herbicides. This working method allows us to preserve the balance of the ecosystem and the land given to us by our grandparents, so that we can leave it in a better condition for our children.

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