Best Producer United States of America

Delicato Family Wines er kåret til “Best Producer United States of America” av Mundus Vini 2020


Delicato Family Vineyards kan i år feire over 90 års arv med vinproduksjon og dyrking av vindruer i California. Firmaet er familieeid og blitt drevet av familien siden oppstarten i 1924. Tre generasjoner av familien Indelicato har ivaretatt vinhusets engasjement i forhold til innovasjon, kvalitet og miljøforvaltning.

Dette er produktene som er tilgjengelig i Norge.

Mundus Vini

MUNDUS VINI was founded by Meininger Verlag and has been one of the most important wine competitions in the world. The 11,000 wines that are submitted every year are clear proof of the importance this competition has now achieved in Germany and all over the world. Everywhere in the world, wines are found in the trade and gastronomy, which have been awarded by MUNDUS VINI.

The target of the competition is to promote quality and the marketing of the wines entered. The awards are intended to offer producers, wine-growers, importers and consumers a forum which, firstly, permits a comparison of wines and offers valuable help with decision-making and orientation when buying wine and, secondly, reaches a wide public. While welcomed by wine customers as a helpful orientation aid, awards provide producers with recognition of their hard work. They can measure their own standard of performance in international competition and the awards they win permit prestigious labelling of the successful products for marketing.

The MUNDUS VINI awards will be held twice annually, with a summer tasting in August to tie in with the autumn fairs and year-end business and a spring tasting in February, in good time before the Pro-Wein fair. Registration forms and information on the newly approved barrel samples are available here.



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